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Special Effects @ GB

You can now add something a little special to your wedding, party or special occasion celebrations with a range of special effects that GB Soundz have to offer. From our confetti cannon and pyrotechnics to full on fireworks displays we can do it all.


Confetti Cannon

Wow your guests with a surprise confetti cannon which fires from our electronically controlled machines filling the air around you with amazing fluttering confetti that your photographer can capture for a memory that will last a lifetime.


If you are looking to make your wedding stand out from the rest, then our spectacular Wedding Day Pyrotechnics is for you. We have indoor firework fountains or if your venue doesn’t permit live pyrotechnics; we have the amazing new innovative cold spark sparkular machines. These can be electronically controlled and programmed to create an amazing display of cold sparks.


Cold Sparks

The new alternative to pyrotechnics. Our cold spark machines are completely safe to use and can be controlled instantly by our trained technicians. 


Dancing on The Clouds

On your wedding day we know you feel on top of the world, but we really do have you dancing in the clouds with our amazing dry ice special effects. This creates a thick low lying pure white cloud for you to take to the dancefloor and create the most amazing pictures with. 

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